Tuesday, May 8

Geocaching - (GPS Easter Egg Hunt)

I've always wanted to try out Geocaching as a past time, it would help me get out more and say hi to good old mother nature, and at the same time loot something. I recently scored a Garmin GPS V for $25 from a garage sale. It was populated with current Alaska maps (no topo, but I have those somewhere) and the only thing it was missing was the data cable. I ordered a data cable on Ebay for $17.50 since local dealers wanted upwards of $65.00 for one. Soon I will be able to put my limited amount of GIS know how together with my limited how to walk know how.

I went out for my first Geocache hunt last night via bike since there was a cache located near my house. At first I couldn't find it at all and I could have sworn the GPS coordinates are gone and then I found it under a rock just chilling there waiting to be opened and have another Geocacher log their name in the journal. I was quite happy and took a little green finger monkey from the cache, then ended the night by finding a builders benchmark on a bridge near my house. I checked off my two finds on geocaching.com (see my profile ) and looked for more. Today there are a few around work I will try to find during lunch and after work hours.

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