Wednesday, May 16

I'm Blawgin Ur Fewd

It has recently come to my attention that I need to spread the word on some annoyingly pointless food laws our great country is currently working on.

For instance the USDA wants to broaden the horizons of what food can still be concidered "raw" even though it is pasteurized which will allow many non-organic products to be eligible for organic certification. Pasteurized food is often chemically altered to help with preservation and sterilization of known and unknown threats that may be in our food. Most of these the known threats come from lack of attention and poor engineering of large scale food processing and the quality assurance is all about what chemicals you used to keep people from suing you this week. A small farm with enough employees to pay attention to the product can get away with purely organic products that don't require pasteurization or harmful chemical cleaning.

This as well as cutbacks on sustainable agriculture support and allowing flavoring and cosmetic additives into organic foods. Organic certification for these products is pending, so why a new law allowing use in organic certified foods? Can't they be patient and wait for certification, is it an attempt to loosen the methods of certifying organic food? Why would anybody want to do this other than big money? And are these new additives good for us, will they give us super monkey strength? Is it just more fodder for lawsuits and investigations and complications against what should be a very simple matter? I can only see taxpayers money (I'm one now so I can say this) just going down the drain as the feds defend themselves against organic companies unjustly marketed against as one "organic" company sells food a little redder and more attractive to the consumer by means of non-organic additives. Quite unfair to organic food companies who wish to maintain a profit as well as wholesome food.

Read and sign the following to petition these crap initiatives:

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Anonymous said...

Farmed fish are organic, whereas wild fish cannot be considered organic.

go figure.