Saturday, May 12

The Pirate and his Sneaky Beaver

Hid more caches today, woot dee doot! (best if said as if singing). Adam came with to find a good place to hide an ammo box and some micro caches. We came upon a beaver lake near the highway and a popular exit for sledders and apparently fishermen. I had only been to this area during winter and saw all the sledders having fun down a man-made hill for the highway exit (its not as bad as you think). Today we met a young whipper snapper fishing in what appeared to be a beaver made pond thats been there for who knows how long. He approached us and immediately spotted us as Geocachers, he took a class in high school on Geocaching, then asked if we had anything to take a hook out deeply embedded in one of his finger. Later I agreed with Adam that the normal state of mind for that sort of thing is to run around screaming and get to a hospital as soon as you can.

The beaver pond was a great place to hide one of my new purchases, a fully waterproofed ammunition container, which we filled up with rocks and left under water near the shore of the beaverpond in a sneaky little location. My only fear is one day having to maintain this cache by throwing a magnet on a string out into the water to retrieve it. This cache was called "Sneaky Beaver" which was the iterated result of a long list of crass beaver jokes.

A little hike later and we were in an area ideal for hiding a micro cache, the location is surrounded by Cow Parsnip (a.k.a. Pushki) which should make it a little more aggravating for cache hunters to find. I didn't know much about Cow Parsnip until I checked it out on Wikipedia and saw what other names it goes under, I remember now some Alaska Native folk talking about some foods they eat including Pushki stems. This cache was named "Walk the Plank" due to the tree positioning and balancing act required to reach the cache.

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