Wednesday, May 23

Spamusement - Favorite new LOL feed

Adam linked me to Spamusement! which I immediately added to my RSS reader. I decided to list my top picks just so you know how twisted I am.

Well, thats all folks. I would make a flashy comment about the type of spam I get, but its all from Asia for some reason and I can't make sense of it. However since somebody out there will, here is some random spam subjects I get sent to my gmail account (filtered into spam automagically).

  • 過年前本錢回饋客戶,買到賺到 內行人一 眼便能識出
  • 共收錄近 1 5 0 0 個全方位實用表格,十餘大類分類,輕鬆套用或自改套用
  • Windows VISTA Ultimate 繁體中文光碟DVD旗艦版套餐
Wild, eh?

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