Wednesday, February 20

Poo, Pee, My morning.

I wrote a haiku about this entry:

Heres the deal. Every morning I wake up and if Skyefoil hasn't beaten me too it, I feed the dogs and cats and let the dogs out for their morning tour de bark. I reminded myself to first put a bark collar on the red dog so he shuts up a bit and doesn't bug the neighbors. Walking into the kitchen I felt a squish. I looked down and saw some kitty turds surrounding the outline of my shoe.


I take the shoe off and cuss a bit. Then walk two steps to the garbage in the kitchen which I plan on banging my shoe against until the poo is cleared away. First step - other shoe first into the kitchen. Second step - socked foot right into a nice cold puddle of cat piss. I cussed some more.

Why do the animals feel like the kitchen is prime fodder for their excrement?

So, the rest of my day has been pretty good comparitively. I'm a little miffed that the snow is melting away. I talked to a friend of mine in Palmer, AK - they have no snow. Pisses me off.

I guess this happens every single year when Fur Rondy is in town (see: Jens Blog) the weather turns to slush. Its car wreck season thanks to all the thawed roads freezing into a smooth and well lubricated ice trough. The Rondy folks are setting up their carnival of Alaskana just up the hill outside my window. Jen expressed an interest in funnel cake, I admit I share that interest as well.

/me x's fingers for a better, poop and pee free day.