Friday, January 11

Happy Belated Birthday!

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Tuesday, January 8


So, Network Solutions is becoming guilty of domain squatting based on whois searches on its own website. How horrible.

I've been trying to find a domain name for my own professional use. Many are taken of course and you have to improvise with "tec", "llc" or "ak" (Alaska) being appended to the desired word.

I tried for, sounds fun right? Squatter page.. o no!. I emailed them which immediately sent me to a trouble/sales ticket system that refused to put the content of each stage of the ticket into the email, and instead gave a link to you so you had to use their website to reply. I asked if it was for sale.. heres the transcript.

Fun eh.. They didn't bother responding and simply closed the ticket. What should I do now? Throw more money at them? Register myself as HecTec in Alaska and use the UDRP?

Either way, squatters suck ass.. I've attempted to register, several other websites owned by squatters who simply have nothing more than search page set up just waiting for people to make them offers.

I can see how some people get rich doing this, and I hope there is a special circle in hell reserved just for you.

Thursday, January 3

I'm a sick man.

I answered as honestly as I could, granted I kinda wish I had a railgun today anyways.