Monday, May 21

Valen's Story

This is a story created by a co-workers son, Valen, from Wasilla Alaska. I believe it to be a great work of imaginative literature.

If my mother asked me, I would tell her I had gotten a hat to put on a tv. When the hat went onto the tv, I said “Buzz” and it shook and danced so much, rats from under the house started to come a dance. When the tv was done the dog came and ate the tv. The dog was as fat as a table after he ate the tv. Then the dog ate all the food. When he was as fat as an elephant, he starting jumping and a magical fairy came. He turned everything back to normal. But the dog was still dancing. The fairy said “Good by” and a cat came with a huge block of peanutbutter. The dog ate all the peanutbutter and then the cat with one gulp. Five dog catchers came and the dog came and ate all five dog catchers in one gulp. He was as fat as a whole and the dog sat there until…. the army came! Fifty-two tanks and One Billion men and two mail men came. The dog ate 500 thousand people in one gulp. Next the fairy came and fifty other fairies came. I sighed and said for the dog to go make friends with Clifford the big red dog. After that I told the army to go home with the fairies. The dog sat there and this one guy who was in charge of the army and said “SHOOT THE BOMB NOW!!!” The fairy and the other fairies made the bomb a chicken and made the whole thing back to normal. This time the fairy magic worked.

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