Friday, May 25

Well, Hi there little cache!!

Today at lunch I found an archived or abandoned cache, often referred to as geotrash. The log hasn't been signed inside the cache since 2006. With some help I navigated to an area on that allows me to see archived caches and eventually found this caches waypoint number. Thankfully it wasn't listed on a private site somewhere, that would suck.

The cache link: GCGNKK "Snag This"

The only reason I stumbled into this cache is because I was trying to find an area to hide my own cache, which I will be calling "Sticky Humpy" if I can complete it. The area around the cache is nice and public, and the plan is simple - create a replica of some railing artwork that is a cache. Shouldn't be that hard and I have been dying to do something similar to this for a while now. I love hiding things in plain sight.

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