Tuesday, May 22

X-13D Doritos Taste Like Old Ketchup

After buying a bag of the new X-13D Doritos and doing the taste test, Skyefoil (Girlfriend) and I decided they taste like ketchup, she says spicy ketchup. I'm thinking old ketchup. There was recently a post to Slashfood about the taste test and naming contest which had quite a few comments. Most of the comments lead me to believe my first hunch was right and this potato chip is supposed to taste like a cheeseburger somehow. So I decided to name it "Fatty American" and post to the competition.

IMHO - These chips aren't worth the bag they are shipped in


Anonymous said...

I think the whole marketing aspect is only good thing about these chips. I got a burger taste. I found some interesting info on www.Jimmyco.com about the advertising/marketing angle.

Anonymous said...

Doritos aren't potato chips.

Holly Jahangiri said...

It IS cheeseburger with mustard and pickles, but my son and I thought "ball park frank with pickles and relish." Eh. I like the Habanero flavor best.