Tuesday, May 8

Well Herro There!

Time to pop the cherry on this blog. Hi, I'm whardier.. or hardwire.. or Shane.. depending on how you know me. I only have one social security number for all three identities, let me know if you are interested in it, selling yours, or possibly willing to trade. I am joking of course..

Since I am 10G/Mo restricted on my DSL I can no longer easily host my shizzy on a home server, and since I had a gmail account I instantly obtained a blogger account I can abuse. Yay for me!

I in Alaska now, originally from northern Colorado. My little house in a little commuter town stands tall in its neighborhood allowing me to actively spy.. err be a good protective neighbor.. for many of the houses in the surrounding area. I have a girlfriend who goes by Skyefoil, a dog who is simply named sam, and our 5 cats (in no particular order) - Mia, Emma, Mushroom, Merle, and Putz.

Feel free to come up and visit. We have a spare bedroom that we loan out to strangers occasionally.

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