Thursday, May 24

Puppy Profile - Sam

Sam the red dog, Sam a lam, Sammy wammy ding dong, Sam get over here now. These are but a few names for Skyefoil's wonderful dog, Sam. He is a red mutt found and rescued from an Oklahoma highway. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam after a night of pool and drinking back home in Colorado, typically he doesn't like men. I followed Skyefoil home that night because I thought I was pretty smooth, then she released the dogs on me. I fell and apparently Sam likes men he can push over and sit on, ever since then we have been pretty good friends.

Sams our go everywhere dog, any time we can shove him somewhere in the truck for an adventure he comes with and enjoys the breeze of an open car window and the sniffing the trunks of trees all over Alaska. Recently he has been getting more walks, in stranger places, thanks to my new geeky hobby of geocaching.

He chases off the neighbor cats, yet respects the house cats as well. He is a very odd dog who sometimes gets so bored he wants to play with the cats, to which they reply "DENIED, HISS!". You wouldn't know how hyper he is when you are at the house, also designated the pet lounge area. He doesn't like to play in the lounge, however if you take him on a walk and let him free of the leash he will start bouncing all over the place and going kookoo bananas.

We love Sam the dog!

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