Tuesday, May 8

1 out of 3 ain't bad for a muggle

I set off with buddy Adam to find some geocaches. one of which already tormented me and I was determined to figure it out. We started on one that I thought would be easy and as it turns out I forgot to look at the online journal for Spud Cache (GCJMAR) which later showed I wasn't alone in my frustration. While sitting back in the car trying to get online to check for hints by way of my phone and Adams laptop we spotted some person poking his nose around the area we were investigating. Adam went to go great the person who just assumed we were 'muggles' as he put it. I had no idea that was the term for non-geocaching persons. :) After a half hour of looking for a potato shaped *something* we gave up and went on to the next, which we didn't find.

Adam convinced me to take a crack at the Meadow Creek Cache (GCH6W2) and we ended up finding the magnetic mini capsule holding the finders journal. Wahooo!!

I also need a better GPS.. or the ability to be online all the time. If I were online and had a tiny linux powered system I would be able to immediately correct my position via DGPS Over the Internet (DGPSIP).

I made Adam find some caches I had found earlier to test his geo abilities. He did just dandy and was impressed at the tiny little containers some of these caches have. He now has a new item for his birthday wish list - a GPS.

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