Thursday, May 17

The Odd Lunch

Odd things I have witnessed today:

  • A chunky cat in a high chair riding passenger in a sports car waiting in line for the Taco Bell drive through
  • A Stellar Jay protecting a geocache
  • Bum beddings scattered around a forested area
  • A cop doing something useful
Pretty things I have witnessed today:
  • Bums smooching on a bridge
  • Three of the above mentioned Jays singing away as I travelled on
Disgusting things I found today:
  • Used Condoms
  • Discarded shorts near the above
  • Some sort of funny sticky poo like substance on my hand
Things I did:
  • Discovered two more caches
  • Discovered two more travel bugs
  • Walked almost a mile during a lunch break

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Unknown said...

So many comments to leave: gross, egh, ew, and ah.