Saturday, July 7

You people rock!

Thanks to all of you and the ease of Paypal donate we hit the 50% mark today on the recent vet bill. It truly means a ton to Skyefoil and I that we have friends that support us like this.

I called the vets office to try to negotiate for payment terms, they do not offer payment arrangements however they accept the CareCredit card available at All I wanted to do was split the bill in half somehow so I could pay the rest later. Thankfully CareCredit approved me immediately, via online forms, for $500. I was able to rush into the vets office and have them reverse charges on our debit card for almost half the amount owed - then bill it directly to this new CareCredit card. There are only a few care providers that actually accept CareCredit and now we have a spare $500 that can work at the 24 hour emergency clinic closest to our home. I'm pretty relieved.

Thanks again to all of you who helped us with kind words and phone calls to check up on us. We also had a few visitors drop by and offer some hugs :)

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