Thursday, July 12

My first two cache hides are getting a lot of praise

Ever since these two cache hides hit the geocaching market they have gotten quite a bit of praise from bored Alaskan geocachers. I'm pretty happy about this and today I am giving them a "Gold Star" for being so dang cool. I posted links to the logbook and pasted in some of my favorite comments to this posting, to feed the google monster. Once you click on the links you won't be able to see their coordinates unless you have a valid account with the site - however the logs are available if you scroll down a bit. Thanks to all out there who left such fun comments for my uber sneakers caches!

Don't Jumps Full Logsheet

Favorite comments for this cache:

July 3 by WarrenPeace (280 found)
12 of 19 today with Quesogohome - This will rank as one of the most clever and memorable caches. Container was quite cold! TNLNSL

June 17 by scooter88 (61 found)
Found 1st. Thought it fell off. Very Funny. Went on bridge to not find it. Went under bridge to find it. Laughed all the way up. This is a great one. Scooter88

June 3 by snidly53 (105 found)
___well, the parking was quite limited, didn't realize it was a multi and thought 'oh it came loose and is gone', but saw the secret and went 'oh man!'... so went thru the tunnel and had a nice hike down to the creek...ahem!! glad i didn't get 'conked' by anything but the back of my own hand! but, mission finally accomplished without even getting muggled...yea!
___hard to be too snide about such a funny, funny hide!

Sneaky Beavers Full Logsheet

Favorite comments for this cache:

May 30 by K5 Flyers (48 found)
Thanks for this cache, was one of my favorites to date. We were a little confused until we figured it out. It was just the puppy (who had a great time swimming), my daughter and I. Never realized how many tree's a beaver can fall, there sure were a lot of them in the area. Never did see the beavers, but we'll be back. TNLN T

May 26 by oddone23 & oddens79 (294 found)
Wow! Definitely an interesting hide. We did see 2 beavers swimming, 2 geese and 2 ducks. Special care was taken in placing this cache back where it was so the next person should be able to get to it pretty easily. We went on th walk the plank after this one and on the way back to the truck, we did manage to get within 15 feet of a beaver before he spotted us and swam off. Thanks for the very unique hide!

May 15 by cachecreepers (832 found)
Don't miss your chance to do this one Cannot say enough about how very clever it is!!! Even after finding it, while driving away some of what was on the webpage clicked into place. Had us laughing and amazed. We want to take this idea back to our area and use it there!
Took--"Feep" and promise not to take it back with us to the lower 48
Left--"a sneaky Washington"
Thanks for an excellent adventure!
CacheCreepers from Washington

May 14 by Trove Rover (840 found)
A VERY sneaky beaver indeed!!! Not to mention a most fabulous hide! Took me a bit of looking to find it. Very original! Loved it!! Thanx 4 the cache!

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