Wednesday, July 18

Operation Bum Bug Brigade (BBB)

Earlier today from my office window I spied somebody parking illegaly. I don't mind, however I am starting to enjoy watching this fat old cop waddle out there and give people a ticket. He does this 2 or 3 times a day depending on his glucose level. I also monitor this area for geocachers going after one of my caches - I typically snap a pic and put it online.

Today I noticed two strapping young lads with papers and gear of some sort and was pretty sure they were going after my cache. I got the camera ready and watched them walk to the wrong side of the street and squat down near a park sign with their paper. Hmm.. ok these guys aren't cachers... who are they? One of them walked briskly up the road a bit and ducked into the wooded area, this peeked my curiosity and I started snapping pictures wildly so I could find my way to that area later on to see what they were up to. He popped back out of the woods and went to his buddy, they checked something off of their notepad, ran back up the road and jumped back in the woods, back out, then they left.

What the heck...

I donned my camera and headed down to the area a bit after they left to see if I could uncover what they were doing. I found it too. They were maintaining a bug trap that said "Government Property Do Not Disturb" on it. It was also right next to a homeless persons bedding area. Ok, so they are either peons or biologists.. I'm guessing biologists since they drive a Subaru Outback. Subaru Outbacks are a clear signifier that a hippie is in the area.

Ok, this got me thinking. I the local government collecting bugs? Protecting the homeless from bneing carried away by mosquitoes? Maybe they are counting bug populations and types. Either way it was very odd. I took a photo of the trap and placed it in my caches image gallery to inform people of the nature of the device. Bug Trap Picture.

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Unknown said...

So I've seen those bug traps before. But I never got to use anything so easy in my capturing. What I've seen them used for is either hormone or food bait traps, primarily for flying insects.