Thursday, July 5

Poor Emma

Emma our cat isn't doing well. She was tired, mopey, woozy and wheezy when I noticed her downstairs laying flat on the cement floor down there. She is a curious kitty so I thought she may have found some bad mice, mold, bugs or other things that may be effecting her somehow. I rushed her to our local vet who then informed me to rush Emma to an emergency clinic in Anchorage since she had a hard time hearing the heart and she was much cooler than she is supposed to be - poor blood circulation. I'm hoping she wasn't in this state all day long before I found her.

The vet I talked with put Emma on O2 and steroids after a quick pre-diagnostic of Asthma. The steroids weren't helping Emma so they did a differential diagnosis and came up with heart issues leading to pulmonary edema. She was very uncooperative while doing x-rays and it stressed her out quite a bit, because of that they placed her on a IV with drugs that will help pull fluid from her lungs. After a nap they will try to x-ray her again and if she is cooperative.

I'm glad I stayed home from Camping this 4th of July down in Seward, AK. We planned on staying until tomorrow down there - instead I opted to stay at home and get some personal time in while Skyefoil has fun away from home with RoRo the party girl. Keep her in your thoughts, if you need to picture a kitty imagine a brown tiger with gigantic cutsey eyes and a constant mew.

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Evan said...

Hope Emma recovers. I'll be hoping for a speedy recovery.