Friday, July 6

In Memory of Emma 'The Cuteness'

This morning Emma my cat passed away from what appeared to be blunt trauma to the left side - The emergency care clinic did the best they could and kept her overnight, performed x-rays and put her on medicine to help reduce the amount of liquid in her lungs. She might have survived however she may have had other health issues with her lungs that were undiagnosed and had no external symptoms.

The bill was $1065.00 to take care of this emergency. The clinic did not offer any payment assistance like maybe splitting up the bill, my employment is reviewing the situation however it may be difficult to get any sort of advance or cash forward to help augment the payment. I'm starting to see the benefit toward pet health insurance and will be evaluating that for our dog and 4 cats.

If you can, please donate to Emmas bill to help out Skyefoil and I who already live a bit more paycheck to paycheck than we like. I'm planning on being quite frugal for a few more months to play catchup. Please click on the button below to offer us a donation using paypal's secure donation service.

Thank you for any amount you can help with - Hopefully good Karma will return what you have donated

This is not a non-profit organization and as such, your donation is not tax-deductible.

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