Wednesday, June 6

You have got to be kidding me...

IRC channel #geocache on SlashNet is a great place to be if you want fun cache information, or to boast. I recently found some tall ammo cans (image to the right) at "Second Chance", a store specializing in military surplus in Anchorage Alaska, that I plan on sinking into water after filling most of the bottom with concrete or sand, then pour clean water in over a motion activated light. The holy grail of caches right? Its an ammo can, its apparently bottomless, it shines holy light out from the eternal infinity. It sounded like a fun idea and a few cachers agreed they would check it out if in the area. One cacher had a bookmark he shared with the channel of another, similar, cache.

Big Boy appears to be a gigantic cache container made out of wood with a very decent resemblance to a real ammo container. Color me impressed. The owner of this cache parked it on his own property and most likely gets a huge giggle when preload cachers (like myself, cachers who preload cache data into GPS recievers and just head out for the day in the dark about the cache size, color, or other such obvious attributes) approach the area with a GPS in hand, heads bowed to the screen, and then a huge smack to the forehead when they finally look up. I'm also guessing he keeps a constant supply of cookies around for the guests his house must get due to this insanely large and unique cache. Bravo on this one.

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