Sunday, June 3

What to do with myself..

OK, I admit I am bored with my current position in life, which is as follows: not challenged, very broke, unmotivated, hard time defining free time from relaxation time.

I recently registered a few websites that I want to start working on, one of which being Alaska Dog Parks which I will soon be adding information on. I plan on including trail maps and trail descriptions, photo gallery, events, lighting conditions, not-so-very-known nearby construction permits, nearby hidden objects, and a blawg of course. I'm looking for some good artwork for the header, done in one of the many variants of native art found in Alaska. I will try coming up with something myself based around dogs found in alaska native artwork.

Plotting out my online presence is going to be a huge pain, I used to do everything myself - now there are free tools like flickr, blogger, google domain hosting, and other services that are easy to take advantage of, however hard to bring together into a fluid design. I'm slowly working on getting this figured out for my own design ideas.

Photos, music, etc.. I am having such a hard time keeping databases of personal photos organized, the same with music. I am a bit err.. strict.. which is stopping me in my tracks. I almost want to go back, to say Canada, and take new pictures and get updated geographic information for when the picture was taken. I know, you have to look forward when working with new data and document storage methods.

So thats me in a nutshell today, all perked up on caffeine, so much to do, so little of a weekend. Can I just work hourly from home for $70/hour again? I would love to do that so I can get the personal side of my life under reigns again. Atleast get it calmed down so I can relax, you shouldn't have to worry about your free time.

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