Wednesday, June 6

Hardwire haz sum shoes!

Yay for me, my ratty old (6 month old) salomon trail runners have been replaced by a new almost identical pair which fixes some of the old shoes design issues. I also went down one full shoe size and they are much more comfortable, I may have been purchasing shoes too large for a few years.

So congratulate me when you get a chance on the purchase of a fine new pair of size 12US Salomon XA Comp 3 Trail-Running Shoes. These comfy little shoes come with the same pull-tight lacing as my last Salomon's, which is by far the best method of lacing shoes known to mankind. With one pull I can squeeze all the blood out of my foot and back up my leg - its awesome. They changed the tie-down points for the lacing so that it doesn't bend the side of the shoe in and into my toe, and the tounge seems poofier. I like a poofy tounge, not to big on poofy sides or bottoms however.

The shoes I just replaced that are very similar to these new shoes have some pretty major holes in them in the mesh area around the toes, I'm hoping that won't be a problem for me with these new shoes.

Yay shoes!

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