Saturday, June 9

Deconstruction Day

Todays agenda was set aside for one simple task, paint one room downstairs. This is a smaller room with nothing in it, even the carpet which was removed a few weeks ago, that only had some trim wallpaper to remove and a tiny bit of spackeling. I ended up removing two sheetrocked walls, left the studs, when I attempted to remove some nails and my hammer went through the sheetrock. Uh oh, its moist here.. hmmm..

Further investigation showed that an animal, or bored child, had been urinating in the corner of the closet, making the sheetrock mushy and smelly. ew...

Now its time to soak the wood in simple green and a few other flashy chemicals to make sure no animal is ever going to be tempted to pee in the corner here. Sigh...

At some point today, we will actually get to a point where we can paint this room, a very quick process with my new sprayer... sigh..

MOOD.. broken..

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