Monday, March 17

Thats Silla!

No really, Silla.

I stumbled into that after searching for 595 (for some reason this number is part of the current theme I'm using on blogspot) on Wikipedia and saw it was the birth year of General Kim Yu-shin of Silla. I have no idea who that man is at all but lately I am all sorts of nuts over history. I've been contemplating learning as much Latin and Greek as possible just to understand ancient history. This is mostly thanks to a few books I have been reading lately by Larry Niven. He has quite a gift for referencing the past in books set in the very distant future. I've been turned on to quite a bit of Arabic history lately through his books The Mote in God's Eye and The Gripping Hand.

So whats so interesting about this word Silla? Nothing really. Except it can also be spelled "Shilla" which is the ambiguous name of the new white dog. We spell it "Shila" though.

Just my little Wikipedia journey today. One of at least twenty more. I'm pretty sure XKCD: The Problem With Wikipedia says it all.

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whardier said...

I need glasses.. Apparently the number on my theme is 565.. which yields some amazing results. Including Byzantine (referencing Byzantium) which has a super role in the Larry Niven books I mentioned above.