Tuesday, March 18

Free Food Day

Martin Luther King Jr. had a lot to say about freedom. Lincoln got himself shot for his ideas. Freedom itself spawns back even past our first president, George Washington. He didn't know it back then, but his upbringing, presidency, and guidance lead to a remarkable day. That day is today, what I now call "Free Food Day".

Earlier my boss overheard me saying "I'm a grump and I'm gonna go get something to eat". This inspired her to join me in my quest for the munchies. With the "You Fly I'll Buy" law in full effect, I headed off to Subway to order a copious amount of food to fill my belly, all on the bosses dime.

Later that afternoon another coworker dropped by and handed me a Snickers bar. I asked "Wow, for me?" and learned he was on a diet and I'm obviously the type of person that eats candy a lot. Here's some more free food.

I'm thinking of a flag pattern and maybe a float design to honor this great day. Any suggestions?

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