Wednesday, November 7

Things I never thought about doing until today.

Today I had the challenge of pushing 150 feet of polypro (plastic like lightweight high-tensile pulling line) through 150 feet of 1 1/2" diameter electrical conduit. 200 foot fish tape would easily do the job, but lets take a crack at SCIENCE. I procured the following:

  • Polyline
  • Shopvac
  • Pingpong Ball
  • Foam Ball that looked cool at the store
I hooked up the shopvac to the far side of the electrical conduit and it was a perfect fit. I was so happy. So I skipped off to the other side (skipping for 150 feet is pretty fruity) and attempted to check the vacuum force on the other side. Holy crap this thing still has a lot of suck! I attempted to put a ping pong ball in the hole to find out it was just too wide. However it stuck to the end of the hose with a pretty nicely as the shopvac complained about it being all clogged up on the other end. I removed the ping pong ball and went inside to warm my hands and cut the ping pong ball down a bit. So I chopped off just over half of the ping pong ball (or just under half, depending) and realized if I tried to send this through the conduit it would more than likely rotate and lose its suckable surface area (SSA). I took the foam ball and put the little ping pong on it like a hat, and whiddled it down so I had a perfect little ping pong foam bullet. I drilled a hole through it and ran the polyline through the hole and tied it off to the top.

Now that everything was tied and ready for suck, I placed the bullet into the conduit and almost got rope burn with how fast my little shopvac was pulling the line through. It stopped, I rejoiced and ran back to save my shopvac from over-suckage. Behold.. The results.

I'm so tired, sorry for incoherency.


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the days when I used a roommate's pet cat to run ethernet cable through the air ducts. Tie the cable to the cat, and bait the cat with treats.

whardier said...

1-cat to run cat-5? Hardly seems efficient.

Anonymous said...

Thats AWESOME!!! Good idea. I will have to remember that one.

I guess baiting the cat is better than super gluing a foam ball on its butt and sucking it through a pipe.....