Tuesday, November 20

'Susceptible Me' or 'To be a Veggie Man'

I have to admit, the recent venture between Sophie Monk and PETA made me think about going vegetarian for more than a minute. In fact its been a few days now and I'm still kinda thinking about it - that must mean something. I love veggies and fruits and grains and all things non-meat. I also really love the taste of meat, but I have never had anything good to say about where the meat was supplied from.

By going this way I don't wanna get wrapped up into meat logistics, the global empire of the Meaty McMeaterson Inc or the cruelty to animals issue. They are all important and shouldn't be ignored. I just don't think I'm going to speak out on there behalf for fear of finding a new project to be mad about.

All I want is to be a bit trimmer, eat good food, and live longer. Maybe I could try vegetarianism out (after Thanksgiving, I'm no tofu turkey fan). Hmm, maybe I could just limit my meat exposure or I could start raising my own game hens then offing them as a sacrifice to my belly. I dunno...

Why do we eat meat?

Why don't people harvest their own meat?

Is it wrong to eat animals, no matter if they show signs of sentient logic or not?

I know lots of veggie heads that have turned back to meat, is it just a change in politics?


It's hard to not have a stance on any of the other commonly debated issues surrounding this topic. My views start with this: I don't like the way animals are processed, I don't like thinking about where meat comes from, I don't like wasting meat. Unfortunately I love steak, I like tacos, and I love cooking and that includes just about any ingredient I can get my hands on.

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Anonymous said...

The only reason people don't eat clowns is because they taste funny.