Thursday, November 15

Dear Blog,

It's been a while. I know.. I KNOW!.. I've just been busy and off in la la land thinking about things only crazy people and geniuses want to think about. So far its more crazy then genius.

I'm sorting out my life day by day, joined the Gym (Pete's City Gym) and am still carpooling with the lil' lady. She's hip to Yoga, I'm hip to having somewhere nice and happy at home to stretch in.. Neither of us are hip to creating that area out of the mess we have at home. I had a dream we cleaned, it was awesome. Then I woke up, put my thoughts back where they were the night before and continued on being crazy.

I love thinking about things, coming up with ideas and implementing them. I do it all the time - little projects here and there that never go anywhere. The unseen advantage to this haphazard get-r-done lifestyle is I walk away from every half complete project with a bundle of new knowledge. Its been easier to theorize on things lately. Probably because the missus is kinda letting me zone out every so often and do whatever I need to get done in my head.

Sigh, I'm not quite sure why I'm still at the job I'm at now.. I have other options.. I'm just a pussy now that I have health insurance and a 401k. I should just do what I need and move to a position that really puts me to the test in a realm I'm very comfortable in.

That said, I'm finally learning Vim.. I dunno why.. I've always wanted to but never had the inspiration to do so until recently. It's kinda silly that I don't actually know what the inspiration is other than I just wanna know it now. We'll see how long this lasts.

Take care, Blog. Who knows when I'll be back to scribble on you.


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