Monday, October 8

Energy.. Gone..

I have to build a gate for our new fence today.. I'm not all that happy about it and I'm just waiting to find out our next door neighbor with the tool I need isn't home. I think he might have said something about just walking into his garage if I need it. I hope..

Been working on this damned fence for a few days now and I found a way of stretching chain link using ratchet tie downs. Its been a hoot getting this fence all tight and happy. I can't wait to do the finishing work and put some extra support on the top railings, I'm not too happy that each railing is basically held up on one end by two nails going into the butt end of one of the railings. It doesn't make for a very secure, well thought out solution. :(

A kid already climbed the chain link because he really wanted to. I didn't mind initially until I thought about the amount of kids in the area who love to climb things, we are pretty cool with the local kids and most of them seem to respect us and wanna work outside on our yard with us.

I stripped some rosehip buds from our one bush out front and burried a dozen buds every couple feet up and down the fence, I hope I did a good job and that next spring we may see some little sprigs of the bush poking through the ground. I may need to mark each area, I'll probably get some cheap tent stakes with those plastic circle tops and sink those next to the plant. Maybe I can find all plastic ones.

Ok, so.. obviously I have fence work to do right now. I'm not awake to do any of it however. I need to ride my bike over to the hardware store. Hopefully they will be open when I get there. I need to buy some gate hinges, latches, etc.. so I can make a folding gate.

What else is new with me? Why have I not been blogging? I think it has a lot to do with perfection. I themed my site and didn't finish it, and didn't have the motivation once I moved onto another little project. I have lots of little projects that steal my attention away. Either way I was unhappy with my blogs theme, therefore I didn't add much content.

I just today selected a stock theme from to give me an excuse to add content, instead of worry about porting a theme to So I wouldn't be surprised to see more from me in the next few weeks.

Starting, with my next post..

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