Tuesday, October 9

Arms like noodles

I'm so tired..

I got half of the fence gate done last night, I just have to figure out a cosmetically acceptable latch system for the other section that has yet to be built. Time is skewed today, I should be leaving work right now according to the way I feel. The harsh reality is I just got to work an just over an hour ago.

The arms are noodles because of my decision to use the Fat Max hand saw last night instead of break into a neighbors house for his circular saw. I think that was a good decision considering how inaccurate the circular saw can be on a 2x4. It has a hard time retracting the safety shield and I can't focus on where to cut while manually retracting the shield. I really need a miter saw.

Skyefoil mentioned the need to clean the garage. I knew that task was going to be a sooner than later task and I'm not all that excited about it. There are a lot of tools that need to be properly organized at some point, maybe I should borrow a reflective heater and just get it done one night.

I'm really thinking of pulling a Hiro... I'm just gonna squish up my face and watch the seconds go by.

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