Friday, September 26

Astricon 2008: My short and sweet summary

I'm really tired.. really excited about the people I met.. really warm.. really tired.

I can't wait to get home and kiss my girlfriend, pet the dogs, manhandle the cats, and go to bed. I don't know whats waiting for me when I land, but I know that later tonight.. I'll be able to lay down and wake up a full 8 hours later.

It was super awesome to meet so many people I know on #asterisk, and some I never knew existed!!! They were all pretty freaking fantastic.

They are boarding my flight.. but here's what I need to bring with me for next year.

  • My own access point, encrypted, on some crazy euro frequency.
  • Audio cables
  • Duct tape
  • A light bulb
  • A girlfriend
  • A micro server
  • Cables up the wazoo, audio, network, powe strips, etc..
That should do it :)

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