Friday, June 27

Todays patient method of redistributing wealth.

Ok so yeh, it's human nature to want to help other humans just as much as it is our nature to be greedy little buttheads. People spend tons of money on "mandetory" things like vehicles, petroleum, computers, school, food, and all the other odds and ends that make up our day to day. So there are starving kids in all corners of the world and guilty messages on the TV saying we should donate to them. Outright donation is great, and it strengthens your internal moral obligations to commit yourself to humanity in all aspects. It's not uncommon that companies or people will take their hard earned money and send a good chunk of it off to a charity of some kind.

There is another aspect to contribution that I'm realizing now.. The patient method. So patient that you may have no idea that you are participating in it until it materializes. You get rich first through being smart, lucky, or handsome. Eventually you encourage yourself, or through the encouragement of others, to contribute to good causes because you are so fortunate. I really like that the Gates family started up the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation now that they are more than set for life. This is the patient method. Eventually everybody in the world contributes to the hungry, bored, sick, and less fortunate people in the world through consumerism and monopolies. I feel a bit better about life after thinking about this. It's kind of a shame that if your goal is to give to as many people as possible that you'll first have to take from as many as you can first. In exchange for "goods" sure.. but why isn't everybody just giving?

That said, no I don't feel like joining any relief organizations, hungry child networks, etc.. I'm a prick.

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