Tuesday, December 25

Xmas 2007 xTreme!!!

Alright, commence vacation update!

We went aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over Northern Colorado and saw a ton of people this trip, I'm really happy I got to see a lot of friends that never followed me to Alaska when I wanted them to. I saw my friend Eddie get married (up close, I was best man) then played Nintendo with him before he left for his Honeymoon.

Andrew and Jaime were totally awesome hosts.. We had sushi and I'm just happy we got to see them during our vacation. They have the coolest cats. One is a puma and the other is a snuggly little mouse with a nice large roar whenever she wants attention.

Saw my friend Jim and his family, His mom almost wouldn't let me go - she was one of several moms I had growing up, but I saw her the most since she was the mom around the corner :) Jim's kid went from devil to saint through a strict "we will feed you to lions - OR - you will do 10 push-ups right now" policy. I totally dug it and Skyefoil wanted to take it back to the Anchorage School District. Can you imagine push-ups in detention?

We saw some of Skyefoils friends for brunch then got a chance to visit with darth_mall.. I looooooved it! What a fun guy and he has such a huge amount of stuff to talk about. Anybody not constantly conversing with darth_mall is missing out!!

Friendly Types

I have lots of xmas eve photos w/ the fam. Lots of wedding photos too which are way cool but I still have to sort through.

All and all, its been fun so far - we are taking off to go visit Ape, my sister, for Xmas 2007 xTreme!!! with the little nephews and the newbie niece with the hugenormous anime eyeballs.

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Brandi said...

You came to CO and didn't even see me for like 12 seconds? :(