Monday, August 27

The Fence

I'm a whiny little guy because of this fence. Not that Its super technical or been a huge pain in my side all summer long. I really haven't worked on it until recently, however our ground is amazingly rocky. Rocks half the size of your head that have to be shattered or dug out before digging to the 2 foot depth I want for each post. I'm thinking 1.5 feet with a wide cavity near the bottom of the hole should be just dandy.

I just drew up the fence specifications in sketchup. Pretty simple design with some extra make it pretty design thrown in. Yes, thats chain link.

Anyways. I'm at two posts in the ground right now. As for the planning, it took me a day or so to come up with the right dimensions for everything after measuring the slope (thanks Adam for helping me measure depth), squaring the fence to the property, using a plumbob to place markers for the posts (accurate to a quarter inch, heck yes I'm anal) and figure out which building materials we had at the local hardware stores. I was specifically interested in finding posts and planks that were pressure treated by the same company. Not only is it a costmetic thing, as in they all start out the same color and fade at the same rate, but its also an expansion thing. If I have wood that expands and contracts at different rates them my screws will slowly unscrew themselves and the fence will just fall apart. I do like that I don't have to paint the fence as well by buying matching wood.

BTW: I need you locals to come buy and contribute one dug hole to our friendship, otherwise I may never let you use my fence, ever.

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